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Our Swim Philosophy

Swimming is an important life skill, and learning it can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences one can have.

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of swimming to everyone regardless of age, skill level, and fitness level.

Our vision is to help people develop a passion for swimming not only as a sport, but also as a great source of health and well being.

Courses Offered:
AquaBabes (6-35 months, accompanied by parent)
Infants and Toddlers learn water safety and share fun memories with their parents using a gentle, non-traumatic approach through songs, games and lots of colorful toys.
AquaKids (3-12 years old)
A creative, non-traditional approach in teaching children essential swim skills using interactive games and engaging pool toys. Swim strokes are introduced focusing on technique and efficiency based on the principles of Total Immersion™ - the world’s leading authority in swimming instruction.
AquaTech (13 years old & above)
Using the Total Immersion™ method, adults learn proper stroke technique through a progression of drills that lay the foundation for graceful and effortless swimming, regardless of age or skill level.
Aerobics or exercises performed in water to build strength, increase aerobic endurance, and improve muscle tone and flexibility. It is an excellent cardio-respiratory exercise for all ages and fitness levels. Also ideal for pregnant women, elders, overweight people, people with hypertension or heart disease, and those recovering from an injury.
A specialized training program intended for those who have successfully established stroke efficiency using the Total Immersion™. Age-group swimmers and triathletes develop speed, endurance, and better swim efficiency through consistent structured workouts, stroke analysis videos, and individualized training regimens.
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